This was destiny-dragon’s request for a “random dragon” So yeah… Here it is!
I’ve never actually drawn a dragon before and I think it’s pretty decent. :3

While on my 10 hour car ride to California, my grandma suggested I draw a Bell with the theme of Mornings. So… Yeah!

A little doodly thing… Thought I’d post it… It’s a guy… on a bridge 8D

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So I had joined this site where they show you a hand and give you 1 minute to draw the hand. I thought I’d post what I managed to make in said one minute here, then in a couple months I’ll do it again and post again to see if I made any progress 8D

Dr. Sassner, maker of such famous quotes as
"Oh, Nein you didn’t!"
"Guuuurl, You best not be trying to steal my grey!"

Dr. Glasner and Trying Human belong to Emy Bitner!

I made this for one of my favorite youtubers, Heather Feather about two weeks ago…

I sent it to them in a message but they never responded *sad sigh* Oh well, I think it wasn’t good enough or something…

Anyway! I enjoyed making it and it was a lot of fun, I really like the right (her left) leg and foot, it looks really semi natural… The hair was really fun too, I took some pointers from all the times I drew Shade from Emy Bitner’s “Trying Human”

One of the hands is super derpy cause I was trying to do some foreshortening with her elbow bent facing the viewer, and it ended up looking wierd…

Just a quick little sketchy doodle thing… I wonder if anyone has made this joke before… hmmm… She totally has that overbearingly protective vibe though…

Trying Human and Shade and Rose belong to Emy Bitner

Just a super duper early stage doodle of an idea I had, crossing Dark Sun Gwyndolin of Dark Souls with Quinn from League of Legends… I call it Quinndolyn!  I should have added Valor…

I didn’t really feel like finishing it I guess ^^;

I did a quick little drawing of Sekibanki, the stage 2 boss of the new touhou game. There’s a bit of a confusion on what she is, but from what I’ve looked up she sounds most like a Nekukubi 

Either way she’s super interesting and fun to draw! 8D Her theme is also totally my jam….

1 year ago on May 27, 2013 at 06:56am

Just a quick little doodle I did of Kanna and 3 of her spirits! I kinda like how it turned out.

1 year ago on May 24, 2013 at 07:12am